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Homegrown is the best way to describe me. Being raised as a farm girl makes me appreciate the values of hard work and persistence. Of course, Vermont is an outdoor playground and I'd be negligent if I didn't take the time to appreciate that. I've been fortunate to enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, snowshoeing, kayaking, tennis and golf throughout this astounding state.

Growing up in Vermont, I've seen the state evolve economies and social structures as we move into the future. I believe in the solid future of Vermont and in Vermonters. There is no place I'd rather be. Volunteering with Habit for Humanity reinforced one of my major beliefs. I firmly believe that everyone deserves a home of their own. That led to a career in real estate which lets me make that connection. My greatest satisfaction is when a buyer and seller come together to meet their mutual needs.


J.C. says: 

“You are absolutely the best realtor, you were always a step ahead and beyond professional and we are so lucky to have had your expertise and knowledge. Your kindness and generosity exceeded any and all expectations…..”

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